This year marks the 32nd anniversary since the inauguration of the state-wide American Institute of Architects, California Council’s, Design Awards Program. And this year entries will be judged a bit differently.

Submittal guidelines now include metrics for resource efficiency and resilience. Each entrant is now required to submit an Energy, Water, and Resource Efficient Design Metrics form. This an important exercise in order to best prepare architects for the near future, as Sustainability will be a standard for which design award programs are measured.

What is important to remember is these new requirements do not change the integrity of the program as it still strives to recognize projects that inspire architectural design thought and exhibit formal, technological and spatial innovations.

Deadline to register is Jun. 13; to submit: Jun. 27 July 3. For more information, click here.

Since 1982, AIACC has celebrated outstanding architecture through this program, and takes great pride in recognizing excellence in design.

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