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The AIA announces its formal endorsement of the CO2ToEE initiative as an important and necessary step to strengthening and making more effective carbon markets.  CO2toEE provides an overdue correction in carbon market design to enable expanded investment in existing buildings.  Improving energy efficiency and adoption of renewable energy in existing buildings is a large and essential step for California as well as the rest of the country.

The objective of CO2toEE is simple – the current cap and trade program design must be corrected so that the value of CO2 reductions from energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) investments accrue to building owners – rather than defaulting to the utility. By including the value of CO2 reduction into the building upgrade transactions, C02 to EE will increase financial incentives for these investments, driving job creation, economic growth and better buildings – all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the long term.

Broad support of CO2 to EE by California’s leading real estate organizations as well as the country’s largest energy service companies reflects an emerging industry consensus that adopting CO2 to EE is a necessary and important step to ensuring that carbon markets are better designed and can support the needed expansion of investment in existing buildings.


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