The American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC) has published and delivered their whitepaper, Leadership for California’s Design and Construction Industry, to the Governor Brown’s Office.

Leadership for California’s Design and Construction Industry was developed for the expressed purpose of identifying both the challenges and the opportunities facing California’s number one market sector, the design and construction industry – which in 2012 contributed more than nearly $40 billion to California’s economy according to McGraw–Hill Construction. As noted in the whitepaper, the design and construction industry lacks an advocate within the administration to coordinate and manage policy decisions regarding the State’s infrastructure investment, as well as identify issues and concerns of the industry in general. The whitepaper identifies that, as a consequence, the impact on the State, local agencies and the general public are not comprehensively considered. This results in inefficiencies, waste and lost opportunities.

The AIACC believes this publication constructs a framework from which to begin a long overdue dialogue, from which it hopes will ultimately put in motion needed and necessary changes toward improving State government’s internal and external effect on the design and construction industry, and those whom they serve.

The Council looks forward to hearing from the Governor’s Office and working with this administration team. Click here to download the “Leadership for California’s Design and Construction Industry” whitepaper.


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