Mike MalinowskiThe American Institute of Architects, California Council, Announces 2016 President

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC), welcomes Michael Malinowski, AIA as 2016 President. Malinowski succeeds 2015 President, Lee Salin, AIA.

The task of leading the nation’s largest AIA component is well aligned with Malinowski’s experience, having held many prior AIA leadership roles: Central Valley President, National AIA Director, AIACC Vice President and President Elect. Principal and founder of Applied Architecture Incorporated, he has been a practicing architect and AIA member for more than 40 years.

Installed November 2015 at Sacramento’s award-winning Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL)—a building which Malinowski designed—the architect gave a rousing speech, while first graciously thanking his wife of 41 years, his family, fellow AIA members, and AIA staff.

Outlining his vision for the AIACC in 2016, Malinowski was passionate about enlarging architects’ circle of influence as they face critical challenges in shaping the sustainable, efficient, and beautiful built environment of the future. In an inspirational outline of his plans, Malinowski said, “I have a single rather surprising word to capture how we can succeed as agents of change: NUDGE. History shows us that dramatic and lasting change comes from small, consistent movements over time. We can harness the magic of the nudge by better measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of our many programs and actions—focusing our efforts.”

“2016 promises to be a major year of progress for the AIACC with our newly adopted strategic plan which Malinowski shepherded into place as President Elect. His passionate, collaborative, and engaging nature will benefit both our profession as well as the community at large,” said Executive Vice President, Paul W. Welch, Jr., Hon. AIA.

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