Andrew Goodwin, AIA, and Skid Row Housing Trust Accept the Norma Sklarek Award

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC), recognized Andrew Goodwin, AIA and the Skid Row Housing trust as the 2017 recipients of the Norma Sklarek Award.

This award program, implemented in 2014, in honor of the late Norma Sklarek, FAIA, whose name is associated with a litany of firsts, including the first African-American woman to become a member of the AIA (1959), and the first African-American woman to become a Fellow of the AIA (1980), is conferred by the AIACC Board of Directors on an architect in recognition of their social responsibility. The purpose of the award is to publicly recognize an architect making significant humanitarian contributions to society.

This year, the award honored an emerging professional well on his way to continuing the altruistic journey he is on. Andrew Goodwin, AIA, of San Luis Obispo.

Goodwin, whose practice specializes in conscious building, has had experience worldwide with providing housing and shelter for communities in need. Currently on faculty at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo’s College of Architecture and Design, Goodwin encourages students to learn to design altruistic structures. Through his pro-bono work, his firm, and his curriculum, he continues to be an advocate for more than awareness, but for social change.

Goodwin also collaborates with Skid Row Housing Trust, a nonprofit based in Los Angeles that provides permanent supportive housing for individuals experiencing homelessness. Skid Row Housing was also honored this year for an agency who collaborates within the architecture profession to directly affect the betterment of society. “We are proof that good, smart design, is appreciated by all and should not be exclusive to those who can afford it,” said CEO Mike ALvidrez when he accepted the award. This agency does indeed prove good design bridges divides, disconnects and barriers, and redefines what it means for a business to be socially aware.

Both will be honored spring 2018 at respective times, dates and locations.


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