The EVP Task Force has been conducting a series of interviews in their search for a new EVP for the AIACC. Beginning with video interviews conducted in September and followed by in-person interviews during the month of October, the task force has been progressively narrowing their search.

“We continue to be tremendously pleased with the exceptional quality of the applicants,” said Jana Itzen, AIACC president. “The candidates represent a breadth of experience and expertise, both within and external to the AIA, and both within and external to California. They are all proven leaders in management and advocacy in their current positions, and we’re delighted with the options in front of us.”

Interviews will continue in October, and the Task Force will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee by the end of the month. Their decision will be ratified by the Board of Directors at their meeting on November 3.

See the Transition’s microsite for more detailed information, at The site contains details about the position and links to the recruiting schedule, AIACC background information, and related announcements.

Recruiting Timeline:


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