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California Architect’s Association Adopts Support of Zero Code

Sacramento, Calif.— American Institute of Architects California (AIA CA) is proud to officially support adoption of a stricter standardization of building efficiency and compliance, otherwise known as the Zero Code.

AIA California is launching a Climate Action initiative in 2020 that will integrate sustainable and resilience design education and outreach across the organization. Each month, programs and communication will focus on one Climate Action theme from National’s “Framework for Design Excellence“, cumulating in a live continuing education webinar opportunity for the architectural profession to learn more. Webinars will be hosted the last week of each month through November 2020 . Resources will be made available for AIA CA’s local components to utilize the webinar as an education opportunity for their members.

The AIA CA recognizes that the planet is experiencing an urgent climate emergency, and that California should continue to elevate its position as a global leader in addressing the grave challenges of advancing climate change and natural resource depletion.

The architectural profession must take a leadership position in the development of energy, carbon, water and resource-related practices and policies that will lead to a viable future.
To this end, AIA CA Board of Directors unanimously adopted a policy including five principles to obtain and further define efforts in advancing policy, law, codes, regulations and support of energy, carbon, water, and resource-efficient design within the design, construction and operation of the built environment.

Principle 1: Take action to Support Rapid De-Carbonization of the Built Environment
Principle 2: Reduce Embodied Carbon
Principle 3: Reduce Potable Water Waste
Principle 4: Educate clients, policymakers and communities
Principle 5: Support innovative practice, policymaking, and implementation strategies.

And to kick things off, the first AIA CA Climate Action Webinar Series will feature Energy Code Ace on January 22, and covers what you need to know about the new building codes. The 2019 California Title 24, Part 6 Energy Code is 50% more stringent for new homes and includes requirements for photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. In addition to PV, building efficiency measure requirements (i.e., insulation, windows and HERS requirements) have changed to reflect a more energy-efficient, tighter and healthier home. Join us as we review changes to the Energy Code impacting single family home designs, and how demonstrating compliance with these requirements will affect your designs.

Click here to register, and be sure to follow future webinars, related content and progress through the website and social media, using #iamclimateaction.

The AIA CA represents the interests of more than 11,000 architects and allied professionals in California. Founded in 1944, The AIA CA’s mission supports architects in their endeavors to improve the quality of life for all Californians by creating more livable communities, sustainable designs and quality work environments. Today, The AIA CA is the largest component of the national AIA organization. For more information, visit

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