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The American Institute of Architects, California Council, Announces 2017 President

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC), is proud to introduce 2017 President, Jana Itzen, AIA. She succeeds 2016 president Michael Malinowski, AIA.

The task of leading the nation’s largest AIA component is a humbling honor for Itzen, Principal and Founder of husband and wife Santa Ana architecture firm, Itzen. She knows it will be a challenge and she is excited to take the lead. She looks forward to continuing the focus of vision and proactivity within the AIACC.

Installed in November 2016, the architect was received by a crowd of more than 90 people—many of who were friends, family and longtime supporters. “I’ve been afforded many opportunities in my career and leadership because of those around me making room … I have reached where I am because I stand on the shoulders of others,” she said. Itzen hopes to be the shoulders for others to stand on as well. When asked about those present at her installation she said, “It was very humbling to be surrounded by so many friends, family and colleagues who have supported me throughout my career. I am continually encouraged by their support.”

“She is very proactive and passionate in promoting the value of design. I have every confidence she will lead with courage and dignity as we travel through the strategic initiatives she was instrumental in setting forth.” said Executive Vice President, Paul W. Welch, Jr., Hon. AIA.

Much like her firm, Itzen is curious and inspired by the human experience—their designs encompass the story of the individual. This serves her leadership sensibilities well as she can focus on collaboration forward thinking as it applies to the profession.

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The AIACC represents the interests of more than 11,000 architects and allied professionals in California.  Founded in 1944, The AIACC’s mission supports architects in their endeavors to improve the quality of life for all Californians by creating more livable communities, sustainable designs and quality work environments. Today, The AIACC is the largest component of the national AIA organization. For more information, visit

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