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Greetings from the AIA California Office,

The adage is: knowledge is power. For architects, that can be particularly true in terms of their relationship with clients. Designing the built environment is a complicated process; architects who articulate the complex issues surrounding design and construction for the end user, position themselves as a “trusted advisor” in the eyes of the client, early on. While it takes a skilled team to design and construct in today’s world, this is made all the easier by the informed and active participation of the client from the start.

Each firm works with its client base in a unique way. How can AIA California support firms interest in additional ways of addressing these issues? That’s the intent of this message and the AIA California Client Tool Kit.

As many of you know, most clients are not prepared for the thousands of decisions they will have to make to bring a project to life. Client education allows your clients to get more out of both the experience and your professional expertise. It allows them to be better equipped to make informed decisions and leads to improved project outcomes. And, most importantly, it builds trust – when clients realize you’re proactively helping them to understand issues, it contributes to long-term relationships, repeat commissions, and loyalty.

AIA California has developed a resource library to help, the Client Tool Kit. From explaining the entitlement process to public procurement and QBS to the client’s responsibilities to bring vision and knowledge to the start – this compendium of papers helps you, help them.

Have additional resources you would like to see produced? Submit them here.

Have a wonderful week,

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