Supporting the Next Generation with the Statewide Study Hub

Greetings from the AIA California Office,

The design and delivery of architecture depends on a healthy workforce, and we are consistently hearing about the fragility of the pipeline into the architectural profession. Emerging professionals are averaging 13.1 years from graduation to licensure and 37% of those who do not complete it in 10 years never become licensed (Source: NCARB By the Numbers 2023). While there are many factors that contribute to this lengthy journey, AIA California is removing one barrier for those on the path to licensure with the Statewide Study Hub.

This free network for those studying for the ARE/CSE is a bi-weekly, virtual statewide program where those on the licensure track can study under professionals in the industry and prepare with their peers, wherever they are along the journey. The Study Hub provides the flexibility and freedom for all to connect with others, build community, and access study resources.

Whether you’re on the path to licensure yourself or want to encourage someone, join the Study Hub here.

As we enter this season of thanksgiving, I also want to take a moment to pause and reflect on you as an AIA member. You joined the AIA for many reasons, but one core tenant is the connection and the strength of the profession; we are better together. And while the licensure path is long and the delivery of architecture is not always easy, please know you have a team in Sacramento who is continuously inspired by how architects use the power of design to solve problems, transform lives, and create a better world. We are working for you to make sure this work continues with the next generation.

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing holiday!

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