The Housing Network

Greetings from the AIA California Office,

I don’t know about you, but this week went by fast. Still, I don’t want it to end without jetting you a note about a new members-only technical exchange program: the Housing Network, hosted on Basecamp. 

It’s modeled after the popular ADU exchange, which has drawn approximately 350 AIA members making queries and receiving actionable information through peer-to-peer interaction.

The Housing Network is designed to make practice easier for you. It’s a platform to discuss a retinue of questions, from permit processes to codes—in your area and across the state—any technical question at the scale you and your firm are working at. (As a heads up, it’s not a policy platform- it’s a peer-to-peer network.)

So, if you possess housing expertise, it’s an opportunity to elevate your profile. Conversely, if you have questions, say, are being stymied in your local building department? Please hop on the Housing Network and query your colleagues.

Sarah Vasquez, in our office, who has rapidly made a name for herself with members participating in climate action issues, will be delighted to get you set up for Basecamp. Here’s a link to her email; just let her know you want to participate in the Housing Network.

Have a wonderful week,

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