Tools to Help You Respond to Complex Issues

Greetings from the AIA California Office,

The start of the new year is a natural opportunity to RECOGNIZE the complex issues you’re facing, REVIEW our plans to help you respond to the dynamic environment, and RENEW our commitment as your partner.

There is an explosion of large-scale, societal issues that will impact each of us – how will the architectural profession in California respond? 

Aging World – Algorithmic Politics – American Inequality – Anticipatory Intelligence – Automating Work – Bifurcated Workforce – Blockchain Platforms – Cartel Capitalism – Climate Change Resiliency – Declining Trust – Diversity and Inclusion – Empowered WomenEmpowering the New Workforce – Ethical Consumption – Ethical Edge of Innovation – Fast Data – Fraying Cybersecurity – Global Power Shifts – Healthcare Disruption -Higher Education 3.0 – Human–Machine Cooperation – Immigration-Driven Demography – Marketing and Advertising Transformation – Mentoring 2.0 – Microlearning – More Human Humans – New Forms of Work – New Journal Models – The Next-Gen Professionals – Nichification: Big-Data Segmentation – Personalized Artificial Intelligence – Philanthropy Reshaped – Population Health – The Productivity Paradox of Expertise – Re-Working Career Pathways – Reputation by the Numbers – The Sharing Economy – A Shifting Environment for Content – Shifting Terrain for Advocacy – Socializing Reshaped – The Splintered Society – Standards Under Pressure – Taming Big Tech Dependency – Toward a Spectrum of Abilities – Trade in Transition -Transparent Organizational Ethics – Virtualized Meetings – Volunteering – Who Owns the Data?

While change is inevitable and inspires creativity, innovation, and progress, it can be daunting to think about these things when you’re focusing on the day-to-day design and delivery of projects, so… AIA California is working for you.

  • Climate Change Resiliency: with over 16 on-demand courses, curated practice tools, and specific recommendations of “What You Can Do Now,” AIA California is your trusted climate action resource
  • Connecting Women in Architecture: join the conversation via Basecamp group – connect me
  • Empowering the New Workforce: right now, we are gathering tools that have the capacity to transform the culture of the profession. Distilled into ten points, these tactics will help practices respond to the perspectives of the emerging workforce.
  • A Shifting Terrain for Advocacy: in these impactful political times, AIA California is at the table in the halls of the Legislature, in conversations with the State Fire Marshall to create better code support for commercial-to-housing projects, with the Housing and Community Development Agency to reduce barriers to deliver housing (and monitoring 19 other regulatory departments and agencies as well!)

These are just a few ways we’re helping you address the rapidly changing external forces that are impacting you and, in 2024, we will continue to provide thoughtful insights, intelligence, and useful tools.

Here’s to a prosperous New Year!

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