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Greetings from the AIA California Office,

I’ve said this previously, but one item AIA California is consistently aware of is: providing services that assist firms of different sizes, from the sole practitioner to large firms with offices in multiple cities. It’s in our DNA to do so: individuals on the Board work for firms of diverse scales.

We recognize that large firms have more resources for business development to track RFPs and RFQs and have ongoing relationships with institutions procuring such work.

How can we assist small and medium-sized firms that are making the transition into institutional work? How can we reduce time spent tracking down projects that might be of interest to a studio?

AIA California works with institutions and governmental entities throughout California to make RFPs and RFQs available to members. Recent RFPs include projects from UC Berkeley and UCLA among others and range from classroom renovation to a master plan study project.

Visit AIA California’s RFP + RFQ page today but know this is a consistent resource, so mark for returns in the future. Oh, and one last thing—if you apply, let us know how it went.

Sharing RFPs and RFQs is just one tool we offer to help firms prosper.

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