Atherton Library – Climate Action Award

Set on the wooded site of Atherton’s recently built Civic Center, the new, light-filled 9,601-sf library is designed as a welcoming hub for community engagement. The healthy, low-carbon, all-electric project nestles into its locale with a modern design that reflects current and future trends, including multi-use spaces which can easily be adapted for patrons’ needs. 

“A handsome, well-planned addition with excellent technical performance. The design is a welcome complement to the existing building striking a deft balance of scale, proportion and materials. Commendable performance criteria include:

  • All-electric
  • Stormwater management measures
  • Prepped for future PV
  • Rammed earth exterior walls
  • Natural daylight and ventilation techniques
  • On-site greywater treatment system
  • Future cistern
  • Focus on healthy material selection.”

– 2022 Design Awards Jury

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