California has traditionally been known to have a large amount of architects at Fellowship status. This makes us proud both of the profession and of California. Each with their own personal story, our California Fellows have much to share about not only their path to licensure, but also the arduous road Fellowship. There is a great amount of insight and knowledge as they have been able to articulate and reflect about the course their careers have taken, and the chances they took that made all the difference in their career. 

Learning from California Fellows Architects elevated to the status of Fellow have become so because they have a wealth of knowledge, insight, empathy, and design intelligence that affects how the profession shapes the world. They possess a specific professional intellect and acumen. After all, they were elevated to Fellowship because they achieved the highest standard of excellence and made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level.

The elevation to Fellowship is conferred on architects with at least 10 years of membership in the AIA in one or more of the following nomination categories:

California has four representatives to the College of Fellows that work to demystify the fellowship process and serve as a link to the many programs and and initiatives underway within the College. They can also assist with questions and provide connection to resources.

Northern California

Joyce Polhamus, FAIA
Aaron Hyland, FAIA

Southern California

Robert Ooley, FAIA
Michael Enomoto, FAIA

Mr. Joshua W. Aidlin, FAIA 
Robert E. Anderson, FAIA
Philip J. Bona, FAIA
Ms. Mina M. Chow, FAIA 
Ms. Deborah J. Cooper, FAIA 
Mrs. Heidi S. Creighton, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C 
Mr. Arthur T. Dyson, FAIA 
Mr. John G. Ellis, FAIA 
Mr. Thomas E. Greving, FAIA 
Keith E. Hempel, FAIA
Mr. Brad A. Jacobson, FAIA 
Grant C. Kirkpatrick, FAIA
Mr. Brian A. Lane, FAIA 
Ms. Evelyn M. Lee, FAIA 
Mr. William J. Melby, FAIA 
Mr. Aaron D. Neubert, FAIA 
Dr. Stephen J. Phillips, FAIA 
John R. Sheehan, FAIA
James W. Simeo, FAIA
Mr. Douglas Teiger, FAIA 
Javier Arizmendi, FAIA
Ms. Barbara Flammang, FAIA 
Mr. Avi O. Grigorescu, FAIA 
Mr. Eric Haas, FAIA 
Ms. Kristi W. Hanson, FAIA 
Sarah Meeker Jensen, FAIA, LEED AP
Mr. John E. Kaliski, FAIA 
Dr. Calvin Kam, FAIA, PhD, PE, LEED AP 
Mr. Kang S. Kiang, FAIA 
Ms. Karin J. Liljegren, FAIA 
Mr. Yu-Ngok Lo, FAIA 
Mr. Neal S. Matsuno, FAIA, LEED AP 
Ms. Alix W. O’Brien, FAIA 
Mr. Mark B. Quattrocchi, FAIA 
Mr. Neal J.Z. Schwartz, FAIA 
Mr. Vijay Sehgal, FAIA 
Mr. Roger Sherman, FAIA 
James E. Silcott
Pauline M. Souza, FAIA
Mr. Warren A. Techentin, FAIA 
Mario J. Violich, FAIA
Mr. Christopher S. Wasney, FAIA 
Mara Baum, FAIA
John H. Britton, FAIA
Mr. Michael Burch, FAIA 
Ms. Jeanne Chen, FAIA 
Mr. Leo C. Chow, FAIA 
Mr. Thomas Fowler IV, FAIA, NOMA 
Wyatt J. Frantom, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C
Mr. Mark S. Gangi, FAIA 
Mr. Kevin M. Holland, FAIA 
Mr. Aaron J. Hyland, FAIA 
Ms. Mitra Kanaani, FAIA 
William T. Mahan, FAIA
Michael S. Martin, FAIA
Nick Noyes, FAIA
Patricia Rhee, FAIA, DBIA
Mr. Lee E. Salin, FAIA 
Steven H. Shinn, FAIA
Daniel Simons, FAIA
Mr. James G. Spencer, FAIA 
Janet A. Tam, FAIA

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