How to Design a Safe & Compliant Automated Gate System


The main purpose of this course is to train architects, engineers, designers, specifiers & owners on the UL 3.25 and ASTM F2200 safety standards related to design, construction and installation methods of automated vehicular access points. This presentation covers those safety guidelines that govern all automated vehicular gate systems. Speaker: Brad Richards | Specification Sales Engineer | HySecurity Brad Richards | Specification Sales Engineer | HySecurity

Integrating Sustainable Design Practices to Improve Project Outcomes without the Overhead


This course addresses the urgent need for widespread adoption of sustainable architectural practices by covering essential topics such as building energy modeling and passive design strategies. It aims to impart a deep understanding of how to integrate sustainability into every aspect of the design process to lower energy use intensity (EUI), reduce carbon footprints, and allow firmwide adoption of sustainable practices to optimize project outcomes, without the overhead costs that come with it. Participants will explore innovative methodologies to create buildings that are environmentally responsible and economically viable. Speaker: Sandeep Ahuja, Co-founder and CEO of cove.tool Sandeep Ahuja

AE Profitability Metrics Demystified: Utilization Rate, Efficiency Rate, and Cost Rate Multiplier Webinar


For AE firms, profit is a multifaceted concept that extends beyond a simple year-end bank account balance. It's about diving deep into the metrics and tools that unlock both project and firm profitability. Douglas Tieger, FAIA, who started his own firm over 30 years ago as a solo practitioner, grew it to 32-employees as managing partner, and then successfully sold it to begin his own consulting firm will be your guide in this illuminating webinar! He will review the intricacies of profit analysis and empower you with the essential knowledge to drive success at both the project and firm level. Join Douglas as he unravels the vital KPI of profitability, the cost rate multiplier, and explores the crucial distinctions between utilization rate and efficiency rate. He'll explain precisely how to define your breakeven multiplier and unveil your true cost rate, ensuring that financial clarity guides your decision-making. Additionally, discover how to set and analyze your firm's maximum office billing potential, a critical step toward achieving your financial goals. By the end of this session, you'll possess the knowledge and tools to drive profitability, both at the project level and across your entire firm. Speaker: Douglas Teiger, FAIA | Founder | Teiger Consulting Presented by:

2022 Code Breaker Single-Family HERS Verified Quality Insulation Installation Webinar


This course focuses on prescriptive quality insulation installation (QII) requirements in the 2022 Energy Code for new single-family buildings of any size and additions greater than 700 ft². This course helps designers and architects create projects that meet QII requirements and helps energy consultants clarify the minimum requirements and schedule of inspections the team needs to succeed when the Certificate of Compliance form (CF1R and LMCI) calls for QII. Contractors will learn how to coordinate with HERS raters and subcontractors on inspection dates and other QII requirements. Building departments will learn how to support QII projects at plan check and inspection to ensure the QII process goes smoothly. HERS raters will learn about communicating with the construction team on how to prepare a project to meet QII requirements during HERS inspections. Speaker: Gina Rodda | Principal Owner | Gabel Energy Gina Rodda

Economic Forecast Webinar


AIA members interested in economic trends and influences on the profession and the industry over the next 18 months – Join us for this economic forecast! Michele Russo, the AIA’s Managing Director of Research and Practice will share an economic outlook for the profession and discuss the emerging developments shaping the future in California. This session will focus on current impacts on the design and construction industry, the economic forecast for 2024 and 2025, brand new information released  from the Architecture Billings Index, and the economic forecast as it relates to California, including residential and non-residential market sectors. Speaker: Michele Russo | Vice President of Research | American Institute of Architects Michele A. Russo, LEED AP After you RSVP or pay for this event, you will receive a receipt email from AIA CA and an email with link details to the Webinar from Zoom. .elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tabs-wrapper{width:25%;flex-shrink:0}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active{border-inline-end-style:none}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:after,.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:before{height:999em;width:0;right:0;border-inline-end-style:solid}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:before{top:0;transform:translateY(-100%)}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:after{top:100%}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-desktop-title{display:table-cell}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active{border-bottom-style:none}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:after,.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:before{bottom:0;height:0;width:999em;border-bottom-style:solid}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:before{right:100%}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:after{left:100%}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-content,.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-title,.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-title:after,.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-title:before,.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tabs-content-wrapper{border:1px #d5d8dc}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tabs{text-align:start}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tabs-wrapper{overflow:hidden}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-title{cursor:pointer;outline:var(--focus-outline,none)}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-desktop-title{position:relative;padding:20px 25px;font-weight:700;line-height:1;border:solid transparent}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active{border-color:#d5d8dc}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:after,.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-desktop-title.elementor-active:before{display:block;content:"";position:absolute}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-desktop-title:focus-visible{border:1px solid #000}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-mobile-title{padding:10px;cursor:pointer}.elementor-widget-tabs .elementor-tab-content{padding:20px;display:none}@media (max-width:767px){.elementor-tabs .elementor-tab-content,.elementor-tabs .elementor-tab-title{border-style:solid solid none}.elementor-tabs .elementor-tabs-wrapper{display:none}.elementor-tabs .elementor-tabs-content-wrapper{border-bottom-style:solid}.elementor-tabs .elementor-tab-content{padding:10px}}@media (min-width:768px){.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tabs{display:flex}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tabs-wrapper{flex-direction:column}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tabs-content-wrapper{flex-grow:1;border-style:solid solid solid none}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-content{border-style:none solid solid}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-alignment-center .elementor-tabs-wrapper,.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-alignment-end .elementor-tabs-wrapper,.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-alignment-stretch .elementor-tabs-wrapper{display:flex}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-alignment-center .elementor-tabs-wrapper{justify-content:center}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-alignment-end .elementor-tabs-wrapper{justify-content:flex-end}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-alignment-stretch.elementor-tabs-view-horizontal .elementor-tab-title{width:100%}.elementor-widget-tabs.elementor-tabs-alignment-stretch.elementor-tabs-view-vertical .elementor-tab-title{height:100%}.elementor-tabs .elementor-tab-mobile-title{display:none}} Additional Resources Full Presentation_Economic Forecast

Free – $25.00

2022 Energy Code Breaker-Talking with Clients about Electrification


If you have been asked questions about electrification requirements in California and need support finding answers, then this presentation is for you. We will provide attendees with essential data to foster a deeper understanding of electric technologies, including Energy Code requirements; how electrification can promote health, safety, and comfort; how California utilities are preparing to meet increased loads from electrification; and which design features support the reliability and affordability of an all-electric home. Speaker: Nick Brown | President | Build Smart Nick Brown | President | Build Smart                

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