(Rubio, Blanca D) Local agency design-build projects: authorization.

Current Text: Introduced: 2/2/2023 

Status: 9/22/2023-Approved by the Governor. Chaptered by Secretary of State – Chapter 201, Statutes of 2023. 2/9/2023-Referred to Com. on L. GOV.

Summary: Existing law authorizes local agencies, as defined, to use the design-build procurement process for specified types of projects, as prescribed. Existing law, among other requirements for the design-build procurement process, requires specified information submitted by a design-build entity to be certified under penalty of perjury. These provisions authorizing the use of the design-build procurement process are repealed on January 1, 2025.

This bill would remove the January 1, 2025, repeal date, thereby making these provisions operative indefinitely. By extending the design-build authorization, the bill would expand the crime of perjury, thereby imposing a state-mandated local program. This bill contains other related provisions and other existing laws.

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