State Historic Preservation, Join and Have an Impact

Greetings from the AIA California Office,

AIA CA takes great pride in advocating for the profession while supporting your practice with programs to increase your bottom line. As a member-driven organization, we also find opportunities to influence the political and regulatory process, leveraging the skill and experience of architectural professionals. No where is your knowledge more important than in shaping California’s building code.

We are looking for a few AIA California members who are interested in making an impact; the State Historical Building Safety Board has openings now: for members, who can make a statewide impact on a code that we believe will become increasingly important for such projects as adaptive reuse of underused commercial buildings for housing. Advancing AIA California’s working for you by reducing barriers to adaptive use and increasing opportunities for housing. Both of which are, of course, AIA California goals.

We would like to see these positions filled by professionals who have experience in project delivery (note: code experience or historic preservation experience is helpful, but not required). It just takes commitment, passion, and a few hours a month to make an impact.

There are openings on the State Historical Building Safety Board in each of these categories:

  • AIA CA Member – we worked hard to obtain this position, specifically for a member – let’s utilize it!
  • Landscape Architect
  • Building Official
  • Employee of the Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Member of the California Chapter of the American Planning Association
  • Building Contractor
  • Member of the California State Association of Counties
  • Member of the California Preservation Foundation
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer

Advocacy is a long game; AIA California is built for it. Providing expertise to shape California’s Building Code – that’s definitely playing the long game – will impact everyone not only in the architectural profession but within the entire design and construction industry.

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