AIA CA Working For You:

Serving the California architectural community is our number one priority.  Whether it be advocating for the profession in the Capitol halls or creating strategies and resources to help members meet personal and professional goals, a dedicated team of staff and volunteers are always working on your behalf.

The three governing bodies at the state level are:

  • The Board of Directors, made up of Council Officers, 42 directors who represent the chapters, three California representatives to the AIA Strategic Council, an Associate Director, YAF Representative, State Associate Director, and a Student Director;
  • The Executive Committee, which conducts the business of AIA CA between Board meetings and is responsible for the implementation of Board policies, and
  • Four Board Committees which deal with overall AIA CA planning and administration:
    –  Planning and Finance Committee
    –  Long Range Planning Committee
    –  Procedures and Documents Committee
    –  Academy for Emerging Professionals – Council of Advisors

For more information on AIA CA leadership roles and opportunities, call (916) 448-9082.

Matters may be brought to any of the four Board Committees by action of the Board, the Executive Committee or by direction of the President. The President appoints committee members.


Traditionally, AIA CA leadership elections are held annually in November, with nominations for open positions due 90 days prior. Candidates may also be nominated from the floor.  Any AIA CA member in good standing is eligible for election.   Participate in the process to realize the benefits.  For more information call (916) 448-9082.

Nomination Submittals – General Information (All Positions)

·         Nominees must be AIA CA members in good standing and be able to attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings.

·         Nomination letters must be received on original letterhead with signature by the posted deadline

To facilitate receipt of nomination letters by deadline, a copy may be or submitted via email to:, with original to follow by mail.

·         Nominations for any office not received by posted deadline must be made from the floor by 2/3 vote of the AIA CA Board of Directors.

Submission Requirements

1)      A 100-word or less summary of the candidate’s background, education, professional history, and service to the profession.

  1. A 200-word or less summary of the Candidate’s philosophy, goals, and objectives in serving in this office.

3)     A business portrait:

    • Full-color or black and white, professional business pose
    • Either original photograph or electronic image
    • E-photos: please save as a 300 dpi TIFF file, average size is 2” x 3”
  1. Candidates are also permitted to submit a letter of support for their nomination from any individual, AIA member or otherwise. This letter shall not be longer than two pages in length including letterhead. Letters exceeding this requirement will not be accepted.
    1. Letters meeting this requirement will be included in the Board of Directors agenda packet posted on Basecamp
    2. Letters will not be published on the AIA CA’s website nor included in Relevance.

Nomination Submission Requirements for AIA CA offices:

  • One nomination letter from an AIA CA member in good standing.
    • This letter should include a statement in support of the candidate.

Nomination Submission Requirements for AIA Strategic Council Representative:

The nomination process for AIA Strategic Council Representative is different from the process required for the AIAC CA open positions. The nomination may be by one of two methods:

  • By a petition of signatures of at least ten (10) AIA CA members in good standing; or
  • By resolution of any California chapter’s Executive Committee or Board of Directors.

Elections Procedure:

  1. The Nominees for the 2023 open positions will be verified by the AIA CA Secretary/ Treasurer.
  2. Qualifying nomination packages will then be forwarded to AIA CA Communications for publication on the AIA CA website and newsletter.
  3. The election for all open positions will be held during the AIA CA Annual Board of Directors Meeting
  4. Candidates for all offices will give a speech of up to four minutes
  5. The 300-word statements of background and philosophy will be included in the agenda packet for the AIA CA Board of Directors meeting. Accordingly, the materials will also be posted on AIA CA Basecamp approximately two weeks prior to the elections meeting.

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of the open offices, please contact Nicki Dennis Stephens at (916) 448-9082 or

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