An AIA membership connects you to 94,000 professionals who share your passion for architecture and who are working together to transform the profession. By joining the AIA, you automatically enjoy a three-tiered membership with services offered at: Your local AIA component chapter, the AIA California state component, and AIA National. Each level of this membership structure offers valuable benefits and resources, including education, networking, industry insights, protection, support and advocacy.


Value of an AIA CA Membership

Joining the AIA California is an investment in your profession. As the voice of the architectural profession in California, our Government Relations team advocates on your behalf at the State Capitol and government agencies to protect and advance the value of the built environment and your professional services in California. AIA CA provides its members with resources to grow their practice and volunteer opportunities to help shape the future of their profession.

  • Get work. Access to project leads
  • Save money. Discounted BIM Software, continuing education
  • Be a leader. Run for elected board positions or serve on committees
  • Get professional recognition. Participate in the AIA CA Awards Program
  • Renew your license. Discounted continuing education to maintain your California license
  • Be an advocate. Opportunities to comment and provide input on California legislation impacting the profession.
  • Grow your network. Meet like-minded professionals with one-of-a-kind AIA CA hosted events and conferences.

New to the profession?

AIA CA’s Academy of Emerging Professionals (AEP) is here to help! The AEP is the collective voice and source for information and support regarding the career development for Emerging Professionals in the early stages of their architectural career. AIA members pursuing a career in architecture from student to recently licensed architect of 10 years of less are also members of the AEP and have access to exclusive perks.

  • Get licensed. Discounted study materials and access to study groups and licensing advisors
  • Choose your path. Path to Licensure prep and mentoring programs
  • Be a leader. Leadership training at AEP Summit to inspire professional pursuits
  • Get recognized. AIA CA’s emerging professional award opportunities

What Our Members Say

"My membership in the AIA has been so valuable to me personally for building meaningful relationships with a diversity of architects, students and industry professionals. Through my membership with the AIA, I have had so many opportunities to create an impact by engaging and collaborating with community leaders and design professionals that I might not have met on my own."
Barbara Bouza
Barbara Bouza, FAIA
"Between our demanding professional and personal lives, it’s very easy to get stuck in our own little bubbles of influence. My AIA membership brings me out of the day to day and into contact with other members of my profession who motivate me to get involved and inspire me to create programs that I’m passionate about to give back to our organization."
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris, Assoc. AIA
"I value my membership because the AIA makes me feel valued. The AIA facilitates engagement on both the local level and on wider issues affecting the profession like equity, diversity and inclusion."
Leslie Sydnor
Leslie Sydnor, AIA


 What’s my membership category?

Membership Categories
Architect (AIA)Licensed to practice in the US (Join)

International Associate

(Int’l Assoc. AIA)

Professional degree in architecture; work under the supervision of a licensed architect; membership or employment in an architectural program at a university (Join)

International Associate

(Int’l Assoc. AIA)

Licensed to practice outside of the US (Join)
Allied (Allied Member)

An engineer, planner, landscape architect, sculptors, muralists, artists

(For more information about Allied Membership and to join, contact Hillary Krek.)

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