(Haney D) Office conversion projects.

Current Text: Introduced: 2/17/2023 

Status: 3/23/2023-Referred to Coms. on H. & C.D. and NAT. RES.

Summary: The Planning and Zoning Law requires the legislative body of each county and city to adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan for the physical development of the county or city that includes, among other mandatory elements, a housing element. Under that law, supportive housing, as defined, is a use by right in zones where multifamily and mixed uses are permitted if the developer provides the planning agency with a plan for providing supportive services and the proposed housing development meets specified criteria.
This bill would make an office conversion project, as defined, that meets certain requirements a use by right in all areas regardless of zoning. The bill would define “office conversion project” to mean the conversion of a building used for office purposes or a vacant office building into residential dwelling units. The bill would define “use by right” to mean that the city or county’s review of the office conversion may not require a conditional use permit, planned unit development permit, or other discretionary city or county review or approval that would constitute a “project” for purposes of CEQA, as specified. By requiring the approval of housing crisis projects as a use by right, the bill would expand the exemption for approval of ministerial projects under CEQA. This bill contains other related provisions and other existing laws.

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